Wednesday, January 10th

The alarm went off at 4:30am and we both popped out of bed, excited to start the trip. The limo arrived right on time at 5:15, and we were at the airport in 15 minutes. American Airlines was very accommodating, they upgraded us to first class for the first leg of the trip, which was a 3 hour flight to Dallas.

The weather in Dallas was rainy, but fortunately there was no delay in our next flight.

The second leg, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, was a bit different. We knew that something was up when a mob of people rushed the gate as soon as they announced pre-boarding. The number of kids was amazing. It seemed like every third passenger was under 10. Two of them were seated right behind us, joy! As people scrambled to get seated, we both looked at each other and asked if we'd see chickens running down the isle. Flights to Puerto Rico are definitely a trip! As we arrived in San Juan, as soon as we were within sight of the terminal, people started jumping up and grabbing their luggage.

On the way to San Juan, we left the rain behind.

After an hour and a half, we took a small commuter flight to Beef Island, right next to Tortola. There were only about 10 people on the flight. When we got off the plane we claimed our luggage, then we hopped a small van which took us to the dock where our boat ride to the hotel was waiting. (The resort is only accessible by boat, one of the things that interested us about it).

It was about 10:30 at night, with a full moon lighting up the water and the islands around us. The boat was really fast, and we were the only passengers. We sat at the back of the boat in the open air and watched the moonlight sparkle off the ocean. Wonderful.

We arrived at Biras Creek about 25 minutes later. You could just make out the restaurant atop a small hill, looking like part of a stone castle. We rode a small golf cart to our room and settled in. The room is a suite, with an outer living room, looking out over a terrace to the ocean, and a large master bedroom. It's very open and airy (though it does have air confitioning).

We took a quick walk down to the beach (all of 30 feet) and looked at the waves for a bit. Then back to the room to sleep. It had been a long day!

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