Monday, January 15th

We woke up early this morning, but we didn't get out of bed for about an hour, just snuggling and enjoying the beginning of our last full day here.

We headed up for breakfast and checked on jetskiis for the morning. We took a Boston Whaler over to SandBox and rented a 750cc Yamaha for an hour.

This miniature goat wanted to go home with us.

It was lots of fun as Rick had never been on one before. Randy enjoyed it, but missed the horsepower of the 1100's back home. Just wait until Rick tries those!

Rick was eager to try out JetSkiing.

On the way back we stopped to pick up some flashlights so that we could look for more fish at night. We found some really powerful compact ones which were designed for diving. They looked perfect.

Back at the resort we grabbed our books and magazines and headed for the beach. Lunch was a barbecue on the beach, a great selection of salads and grilled items. As usual, the food is great here. Afterwards Rick paddled around on a raft in search of a glimpse of a shark, while Randy read a magazine under an umbrella.

He's determined to see a shark!

Then we both went out in a couple of one man kayaks, looking down at the bottom to see what creatures were around.

Randy paddled around Deep Bay for a bit.

We stopped off at the dock to see if any new fish had shown up, then we walked through a couple of the nature trails, looking for iguanas.

There are some really nice nature trails here.

We had seen a green iguana on the road on the way back from the beach (Rick almost ran it over), but then later it was nowhere to be found. We figured it was camera shy and knew we'd be back to bother it.

Where are the iguanas when you want them?

Each day there is a tea from 3:30 to 5:30, but we hadn't gone before, so we decided to stop by and check it out. Turned out to be tea and some cakes so we tried some.

Tea and crumpets anyone?

Then we went back to the room and watched the end of the movie "The Replacements" which we had started the night before.

There was a manager's cocktail reception at 6:30, so we went up and chatted with some of the other guests. One couple was also on their honeymoon. They were from Texas and had been married just over a week ago. They were also enjoying their stay at Biras Creek.

After a wonderful dinner (which ended with a _delicious_ chocolate brownie!) we changed back into shorts and headed to the dock to try out our flashlights. It turned out that they were very bright, and allowed us to see all kinds of things.

This little shrimp was about 6" long.

The Nikon camera was able to use the light from the flashlight to focus, and then it's own flash to light things up. This allowed for some really nice pictures of animals in the dark in a few feet of water.

These crabs didn't like our flashlights.

We spent about an hour riding our bikes around, looking for interesting sights, even checking out the beach for a bit. We saw something that might have been a small squid, though we weren't sure, and the picture we took looked more like something out of the X-Files than an actual fish. Who knows.

Sea cucumbers look kind of like big centipedes.

Back in the room Rick broke out the bottle of wine we had bought a few days ago. Then we chatted for quite a while before going to sleep.

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