Tuesday, January 16th

Our last day in paradise, how quickly the week went by... but by the same token, it's always nice to be heading home. Refreshed, relaxed, ready to shift back to the real world.

The bedroom was big and bright.

The living room had a wall of sliding glass doors.

This morning was the first that we didn't awaken to bright sunshine. There's a bit of a storm brewing out in the ocean, we even got a brief shower while we were packing. It really made me realize just how great the weather has been for the whole vacation. A few clouds has been the most we've seen. Blue skies have dominated the past week.

A thunderstorm in the distance.

We showed Victoria (the activities director) the first 6 pages of the website, complete with all of the pictures. She really liked it, and was impressed with the quality of the images we had taken. About an hour later she met us at the dock to see us off. We really hope she looks us up if she travels to San Francisco.

Victoria, our cruise director, ready for action.

As we were leaving the room one of the staff who had been cleaning the room each day asked shyly if she could ask us a question. We said yes and she asked if we were married. I said yes and told her about the wedding and the reception and that this had been our honeymoon. She smiled and said she thought so. We guessed that we had been a topic of conversation among the staff: two guys, in a room with a king size bed, who spent all their time together. Probably not something they see every day, but not a big deal to her either.

If he couldn't see one, at least he could wear one.

The flight to San Juan provided some great views of the US Virgin Islands. Much more populated than the British Virgin Islands. We saw several cruise ships in port, and lots of boats everywhere.

These planes are very common in the Caribbean.

In San Juan we found that we had gotten lucky and had been upgraded all the way back to San Jose. Woo Hoo! No riding in back with the hoards of kids this time. We picked up a couple of newspapers and started to catch up on what we'd missed. We hadn't read any papers or seen any news of any kind since we left! It didn't seem like we missed much.

Dallas was quiet (though Rick, whose wine glass seemed to magically refill itself on the flight here, was not). Through the magic of wireless internet access in the airport (for free, no less) we were able to check stock prices, headlines and email on the laptop as we sat at the gate. A slice of pizza and then onto the plane for our last flight. The wine from the previous flight caught up with Rick, and he was asleep before we left the ground.

San Jose seemed very familiar, and the limo driver was waiting for us at the gate. Picked up our luggage and then a quick ride back home. It's the equivalent of 2am for us, much later than we've been up this week. Time for bed!

Final Thoughts

Randy: When we were married in September, I already knew that Rick and I traveled well together. This trip reinforced that; we were with each other 24 hours a day for 7 days, and still couldn't get enough of each other. We were constantly suggesting something, only to have the other one say they were just about to suggest the same thing. I kept finding that we were both having such fun, getting to be big kids, bicycling from the dock to the beach in the dark looking for cool fish. I really have found my other half!

The BVI was the perfect place to spend our honeymoon. Very quiet, plenty of activities when we wanted them, no pressure to do any of them. Our biggest concern was putting on enough sunblock. I'd highly recommend it (and Biras Creek) to anyone who wants to really get away from it all.

Rick: Woo Hoo!!! What can I say, don't the pictures sum it all up? I had a wonderful time. Biras Creek was exactly what I was looking for in a honeymoon. Very quiet, very relaxing, and really beautiful. I am still surprised how full a day can be, when you slow life down and take things slowly, for a change. Its also surprising that I can spend so much time with one person and just not get enough! Its so wonderful to have Randy to share this all with.

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