Thursday, January 11th

We woke up at 9:30 (there's a 4 hour time difference between San Francisco and Virgin Gorda) and rushed a bit to make breakfast, which ended at 10am.

The view from our terrace!

The view from breakfast!

After eating we were given a tour of the resort. It sits on 140 acres at the north end of the Island of Virgin Gorda, across a "saddle" in the island, so that it touches three different bodies of water. After the tour we decided to take out one of the complimentary Boston Whalers (12 foot dinghies with 10hp motors)

Randy at the tiller.

We motored around the North Sound for a bit, then dropped anchor and snorkeled above some coral. The water is crystal clear! We picked up the anchor and did some more exploring, then headed back to the resort for lunch.

Rick riding back from the boat dock.

Afterwards we decided to ride our bicycles (they provide two with each room, it's how you get around, and _lots_ of fun!) down to the beach. We dropped our stuff on a couple of lounges under an umbrella made of palm leaves, then went for a bit of a swim.

Randy in front of the main part of the resort.

Then we walked over to the bar and grabbed a couple of wonderful tropical drinks, then sat down to read, looking out at the water and enjoying the warm breeze. It was about 80 degrees, and not very humid, perfect beach weather.

I like the view from here!

We went back to the room and took a short nap, then headed up to the restaurant for dinner. While we were getting a drink in the bar, we met a couple from Philadelphia, Todd and Charlene. We started talking with them and having a good time, and ended up having dinner with them. It was nice to meet some new people.

Afterwards we walked down a softly lit dirt road back to the room, holding hands under the stars and the moon. It really is a magical place.

After half a movie (American Pie) on the laptop, we were both out for the evening.

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